适合英语演讲的励志小文章|励志人生英语演讲文章:Speak out Your Love

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  励志人生英语演讲文章:Speak out Your Love

  There was once a guy who suffered from cancer, a cancer that can’t be cured. He was 18 years old and he could die anytime. All his life, he was stuck in his house being taken cared by his mother. He never went outside but he was sick of staying home and wanted to go out for once. So he asked his mother and she gave him permission.

  He walked down his block and found a lot of stores. He passed a CD store and looked through the front door for a second as he walked. He stopped and went back to look into the store. He saw a beautiful girl about his age and he knew it was love at first sight. He opened the door and walked in, not looking at anything else but her. He walked closer and closer until he was finally at the front desk where she sat.

  She looked up and asked, “Can I help you?

  She smiled and he thought it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen before and wanted to kiss her right there.

  He said, “Uh... Yeah... Umm... I would like to buy a CD.

  He picked one out and gave her money for it.

  “Would you like me to wrap it for you? she asked, smiling her cute smile again.

  He nodded and she went to the back. She came back with the wrapped CD and gave it to him. He took it and walked out of the store.

  He went home and from then on, he went to that store every day and bought a CD, and she wrapped it for him. He took the CD home and put it in his closet. He was still too shy to ask her out and he really wanted to but he couldn’t. His mother found out about this and told him to just ask her. So the next day, he took all his courage and went to the store as usual. He bought a CD like he did every day and once again she went to the back of the store and came back with it wrapped. He took it and when she wasn’t looking, he left his phone number on the desk and ran out...


  One day the phone rang, and the mother picked it up and said, “Hello?

  It was the girl!!! The mother started to cry and said, “You don’t know? He passed away yesterday...

  The line was quiet except for the cries of the boy’s mother. Later in the day, the mother went into the boy’s room because she wanted to remember him. She thought she would start by looking at his clothes. So she opened the closet.

  She was face to face with piles and piles and piles of unopened CDs. She was surprised to find all these CDs and she picked one up and sat down on the bed and she started to open one. Inside, there was a CD and as she took it out of the wrapper, out fell a piece of paper. The mother picked it up and started to read it. It said: Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me? Love, Jocelyn.

  The mother was deeply moved and opened another CD...

  Again there was a piece of paper. It said: Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me? Love, Jocelyn.

  Love is... when you’ve had a huge fight but then decide to put aside your egos, hold hands and say, “I Love You.








  “想让我把它包起来吗? 女孩问,依然带着可爱的笑容。











  爱是什么?当你作了巨大的思想斗争,最终决定抛开一切束缚时,那就攥紧手,说出“我爱你 。

励志人生英语演讲文章:I must do it

  As you slowly open your eyes, look around , notice where the light comes into your room; listen carefully, see if there are new sounds you can recognize; feel with your body and spirit, and see if you can sense the freshnein the air.

  Yes, yes, yes, it's a new day, it's a different day, and it's a bright day! And most importantly, it is a new beginning for your life, a beginning where you are going to make new desicisions, take new actions, make new friends, and take your life to a totally unprecedented level!

  In your mind's eye, you can see clearly the things you want to have, the paces you intend to go, the relationships you desire to develop, and the positions you aspire to reach.

  You can hear your laughters of joy and happineon the day when everything happens as you dream.

  You can see the smiles on the people around you when the magic moment strikes.

  You can feel your face is getting red, your heart is beating fast, and your blood is rushing all over your body, to every single corner of your being!

  You know all this is real as long as you are confident,passionate and committed! And you are confident, you are passionate, you are committed!

  You will no longer fear ma-ki-ng new sounds, showing new facial expressions, using your body in new ways,approaching new people, and asking new questions.

  You will live every single day of your life with absolute passion, and you will show your passion through the words you speak and the actions you take.

  You will focus all your time and effort on the most important goals of your life. You will never succumb to challenges of hardships.

  You will never waver in your pursuit of excellence. After all,you are the best, and you deserve the best!

  As your coach and friend, I can assure you the door to all the best things in the world will open to you, but the key to that door is in your hand. You must do your part, you must faithfully follow theplans you make and take the actions you plan, you must never quit, you must never fear. I know you must do it, you can do it, you will do it, and you will succeed! Now stand firm and tall, make a fist, get excited, and yell it out:

  I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!

  I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!

  I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!



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