it行业是什么工作 做什么的_It is my brithday

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Two weeks ago was my 45th birthday, but I wasn"tfeeling too hot that morning anyway. I went to breakfast knowing my wife would be pleasant andsay "Happy Birthday" and probably have a presentfor me.

  But, she didn"t even say "Good Morning," let alone any "Happy Birthday."

  I thought, well...that"s a wife for you. I guess, the children will remember. Then, thechildren came into breakfast, but, they didn"tsay a word.

  When I started to the office, I was feeling pretty low and despondent. As I walked into myoffice, my secretary Janet said, "Good morning,Boss, happy birthday." And I felt a little better,someone had remembered.

  I worked until noon. Then, Janet knocked on my door and said, "You know, it"s such a beautifulday outside, and it"s your birthday, let"s goto lunch, just you and me."

  I said, "That"s the greatest thing I"ve heardall day. Let"s go."

  So, we went to lunch. We didn"t go where wenormally go. We went out into the country toa little private place. We had two martinis and enjoyed lunch tremendously.

  On the way back to the office, Janet said,"You know, it"s such a beautiful day. We don"t need to go back to the office, do we?"

  I said, "No, I guess not."

  She said, "Let"s go to my apartment."

  After arriving at her apartment, she said,"Boss, if you don"t mind, I think I"ll go in to the bedroom, and slip into something more comfortable."

  "Sure," I excitedly replied.

  Janet went into the bedroom and, in about sixminutes, she came out carrying a big birthdaycake, followed by my wife, children and dozensof my friends. All were singing "Happy Birthday".. and there I sat on the couch ... naked.



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